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The history of the name starts in 1965, when George Kritsimis realized his passion for creating jewelry and started working in high-jewellery laboratories. In 1975 creates his first workshop next to the ancient market of Thessaloniki.

Quickly realizes that the space was not enough for the size of his production and moved to a larger laboratory at Ladadika(port of Thessaloniki). Prone to the modernization in 1996 made the next step in a major innovative unit in the industrial area of Thermi(next to the airport Macedonia) on an area of 1.2 acres. From there, he managed to develop into a dynamic company with rising priority always new trends in the field of jewelry.

In 2009 born the idea of KRITSIMIS KOSMIMA. The second generation took over the reigns of the company and created the first retail store. They understand the need of the time the two brothers company decided to modernize the store, wanting to reach every Greek house and created www.kritsimis.gr online store

Open to everything new and innovative and always with experience and tradition in the jewelry www.kritsimis.gr trying to serve the current trends of jewelry taking strength from the past and youthful freshness and optimism for the future, because we serve what we know well, the jewelry and luxury at affordable prices.

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